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Mental health skill building services:

Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. provides training and supports to individuals to support them in achieving and maintaining community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. The goal is to focus on assisting the individual with the independent living skills, training in or reinforcement of functional skills, and appropriate behavior related to the individual's health and safety, activities of daily living, and use of community resources; assistance with medication management; and monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition as outlined on the individualized service plan. 

 Intensive In home services:

Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. provides intensive in home services to individuals between the ages of 5-20 years of age.  The client must have been identified by school officials, parents, and/or other professionals directly providing care for the child, adolescent, and/or young adult believing that they demonstrate a clinical necessity for the service arising from mental, behavioral, or emotional illness which results in significant functional impairments in major life activities.  Our staff will work with the individual on an identified treatment plan that addresses their behaviors while incorporating support of their natural and family supports during the service delivery.  

 Crisis Stabilization services:

Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. provides crisis stabilization services to individuals ages 6 and up experiencing a mental health crisis that may put their current community living situation at risk. Duration of Crisis Stabilization Services can be provided for up to 8 hours per day and authorized for up to a 15-day period per crisis episode following a face-to-face intake and may be provided up to 15 consecutive days in each episode, or up to 60 days annually, by which time a determination of the appropriate level of care will be made and facilitation of appropriate linkages coordinated by treatment team. This level of care may be used as an alternative to an inpatient hospitalization or any other higher level of care for individual. 

After School Therapeutic Day Treatment Services (TDT):

Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. provides interventions individuals between the ages of 5-20 years of age to instill positive social skills through systemic therapeutic interventions before the child is removed from their home, school, or community and placed in a more restrictive setting.  The After school Therapeutic Day Treatment services Program will be geared towards helping individuals overcome personal and environmental obstacles that inhibit their growth, development, and adaptive functioning.   Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. has identified and target after school services as an integral part of the spectrum to prevent further decline in the mental health status of the children. The After School Therapeutic Day Treatment services will work with clients in an effort to reduce and/or eliminate negative behaviors and increase pro-social coping skills.  The long-term goal is to develop the competence to become self-sufficient adults. 

Substance Abuse Inpatient Outpatient services (SAIOP)

Aim Higher Supportive Services, Inc. provides interventions for adults age 18 and over who demonstrate a medical necessity for services due to having a substance use disorder which results in significant functional impairment in major life activities and affects their ability to remain stabilized in the community. Due to their substance use disorder, they have difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that they are at risk of hospitalization, homelessness, contact with the criminal justice system, or isolation from social supports. They may experience some family alienation due to their episodes and behavior while using substances.  Individuals served may have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis.  The mental health diagnosis must not interfere with their ability to benefit from services. 

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